Sex should be fun, therefore porn should be fun, and why not? In this brilliant scene we are told, and then shown, How To Have Sex At The Office. Dark and broody, wolf-like Billy Santoro teams up with equally dark and horny Jaxton Wheeler to take us through an educational video. In a light-hearted and well filmed demonstration they give us tips and tell us about the pitfalls. There are some laughs and the hint of what sexy things are to come, as they give advice on wearing clothing that your dick can easily slip out of, while watching out for security cameras and office gossips.

And then the fun really starts. At about three minutes in you are already getting desperate to see inside Billy and Jaxton’s suits, and you get rewarded for your short wait. Jaxton’s cock is out first, and the Billy pants are down and he's getting those hot manly lips around his shaft. There is a full five minutes of cock slurping between the two guys before, joy of joys, Johnny gets turned around and bent over. Jaxton wastes no time getting his cut six inches into Johnny’s versatile ass across the conference room desk. It’s a good job the door is closed (and they’ve checked for CCTV cameras) as things start to get pretty wild and noisy in this room.

These are two alpha males, two hirsute guys with firm bodies and rugged features. And they, being real men, know how to fuck like real men, and they do just that. It’s hard and frantic, fast and furious and yet they can hold back for hours, it seems. Fifteen minutes in and Johnny’s on his back and still getting fucked and the really neat thing is that the two guys are still half dressed, so the ties are still in shot, keeping the office suit fantasy alive. 18 minutes and Johnny is riding that cock on the floor, his own meat as hard as a desk leg as he gets fucked faster.

Finally, after a good 20 minutes of this kind of stuff, Johnny lets go his wad over Jaxton’s fuzzy chest, nice big gooey globs of it; then Jaxton stands over a prone Johnny for his own release, and it’s a bit of a shower. There is no more advice from our two instructors after this, but then you have had the theory and seen the demonstration, so now you are fully equipped to go and try it out for yourself. If only I worked in an office with Johnny Santoro!