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What would you do for the right amount of money? Is it true that everyone has a price, and that they will do anything for that money, would you? Would I? Hell yes, Would a heterosexual married man have man to man sex if he was offered enough money, and if he did, would he actually enjoy it? Well, we are about to find out in the latest hot and horny movie from ‘Str8 To Gay’ starring Billy Santoro and Adam Bryant.

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Billy Santoro is a hairy muscular bear of a man who loves to lift weights to keep in shape, and it shows. He has black hair, brown eyes and always has stubble around his chin. He is versatile with a six and a half inch dick. He is six foot tall weighing in at 185 pounds. He has been in 23 movies with His most viewed movie so far is ‘Father Figure’ where he fucks Johnny Rapid’s tight young asshole. He is also in the ‘Gaywatch’ series of movies parts 1, 2 and 4.
Billy Santoro in An Offer He Can't Refuse
Adam Bryant is also very hunky with a Spanish look about him. He also enjoys lifting weights and showing off his fantastic tattoos. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock. He stands at just five foot six inches and has cropped brown hair with mysterious brown eyes. He has been in three flicks. These include ‘Best Sex Of My Life Part 2’ with Jimmy Fanz and ‘Mistle Hoe’ with Nicoli Cole.
Adam Bryant is sitting at a bar chatting to his wife. A tanned stranger, Billy Santoro walks up to them and offers to buy Adam a drink. Adam is shocked and tells him he is married. Billy wants a lot more than just a drink, and writes Adam a check for one million dollars to persuade him to have sex with him. Adam Bryant turns him down, but his quick-thinking wife tells him to wait a minute. It takes her just a few minutes, and she manages to persuade him what a good thing that money would be. He tells Billy that he is a completely straight man (why do they always say that in bars just before they agree to have sex with you?) but loves to try everything at least once. Billy doesn’t really care that much, all he wants is some good man on man sex with a good looking dude. They go back to Billy’s hotel room.
Billy Santoro and Adam Bryant
Inside the room Adam lies back on the bed and lets Billy Santoro take the lead. Billy takes of his clothes and takes off Adam’s pants. He gets between Adam’s legs and sucks on his hard dick. Adam seems surprised at how good it actually feels with another man sucking him off. Billy teases his dick with his mouth and tongue all over his dick until it’s dripping with his spit.
Adam puts a condom on and his cock feels the inside of a man’s asshole for the first time. He can’t believe how hot and tight it really is, much better than what he’s used to. Billy rides on top for a while setting the pace. Adam Bryant gets so turned on he moves Billy so he is laying on his back, legs up in the air, and he pounds that tight hairy crack hard and fast showing Billy that he is worth every dollars’ worth. Sweat pours down their hot bodies as they change positions a few times before Adam Bryant gets on his knees next to Billy’s head and strokes on his now pulsating erection. He can feel his ball sack tighten and with one last cry of excitement he blows his steaming hot load all over Billy Santoro’s mouth and face. With fresh cum dribbling down the corners of his mouth Billy’s body stiffens and he ejaculates over his hairy firm stomach.
Billy Santoro facial
Now, the question still remains the same. What would you do if you were offered an indecent proposal worth this sort of money? Would you be shocked and walk away, or would you just want to spread your legs there and then. I know my answer, so, if you have a million dollars, phone me and ask me.